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Customer loyalty. Positive word-of-mouth. Memorability. The currencies of success in today’s global marketplace. And all are achieved by delivering consistent, World-Class customer experiences. RetailTrack Mystery Shopping gives you a finger on the pulse on how well your company is delivering these experiences, and strategic insight into how you can raise the bar.
Mystery Shopping Services

RetailTrack is one of the top Mystery Shopping companies in Canada and the U.S..  We have been delivering mystery shopping solutions for 24 years, and have earned a World-Class reputation for quality, results and client satisfaction.

You want your company to stand out. And to do that, you need insight into your performance levels - customer service, selling skills, regulatory compliance, or any number of performance indicators. Our extensive network of qualified mystery shoppers and unsurpassed quality control ensure you get the information you need.


more than a mystery shopping company

In addition to Mystery Shopping, Companies in Canada and the U.S. turn to RetailTrack for audits, customer satisfaction surveys, Voice-of-the-Customer programs, Internal employee satisfaction surveys and more. 

Our goal is to give you the accurate data, analytics and advice you need.  Whether you are trying to assess your customer service levels, measure customer loyalty, or how engaged your employees are, we have the experience and expertise to help.

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The Metrics of
Customer Experience

Measuring Customer Experience

To stand out in customers' minds, there are two principle things you need to know. One is how your existing customers feel about you; and the other is how well you are executing the things you know drive customer experience. Together, you get a clear picture of the actions you need to take to stay on top.

But it's more than just collecting data. You need to make sure you are measuring the right things in the right ways. The methodology has to be sound, and the data has to be clear and interpreted correctly.

RetailTrack can work with you at every level - from simple, effective data collection, to helping you create a comprehensive strategy for creating experiences that capture the hearts and minds of your customers.

We are, after all, in the customer service business. Our goal is to help you shine.

From Data To Action

What do you do when your mystery shopping program results point to the need for customer service training or leadership training?

RetailTrack's sister division, Belding Training, is a global, award-winning training company that helps organizations significantly improve their customer service skills and leadership skills.  Find out more by visiting the Belding Training website.

customer service training

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