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Here are Some Resources You Might Find Useful

As a Mystery Shopper, you are not an employee of the companies you work for, but an independent subcontractor.  This means that you're pretty much on your own to figure things out.  Fortunately, there are some tremendous resources out there.

Unfortunately, there are also some less trustworthy sites - so take care!  Here are some legitimate resources you can check out:

Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA)

The MSPA is the official industry body. It offers certification for shoppers, and lots of resources

Independent Mystery Shoppers Coalition (IMSC)

The IMSC has tools and tips on their website, and hosts annual conferences for mystery shoppers

Mystery Shop Forum

A site with a lot of discussions and links to other mystery shopping resources. They also publish a weekly mystery shopping (email) magazine

Shadow Shoppers

Shadow Shoppers is a job board for mystery shoppers. Registering is free, but there is an option for an enhanced membership for a nominal fee

Mystery Shopper Magazine

Mystery Shopper Magazine is a terrific resource - regular mailings with articles written by shoppers for shoppers.  It has lists of the types of mystery shops that are available and of credible mystery shopping companies like RetailTrack.

Frugal Shopper Canada

A site that offers a number of interesting resources and links

Forums for mystery shoppers, and resources for Work at Home Moms

Smart Canucks

Forums for mystery shoppers, and really interesting resources

Have we missed any that should be on here?


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