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Looking To Support Your Coaching Program?


The most effective way to create and maintain performance levels with your teams is when managers are using ongoing, effective coaching to assist and encourage their employees.  But how do you objectively gauge the degree to which people are executing?

RetailTrack can give you an objective assessment as to which areas you should be focused on. Rather than just following a generic coaching plan, your managers will be able to identify the specific areas that need to be addressed - and then monitor the ongoing effectiveness of their coaching efforts.

RetailTrack can develop a mystery shopping program to look for very specific behaviours and language skills that you are trying to develop with your team.  Our shoppers can even look for specific terminology or scripting that you are expecting your employees to use.

Responsive Shop Frequency

Somebody didn't meet the standard of a specific element in a mystery shop?  RetailTrack can structure your program so that this will automatically trigger accelerated shops so that you can determine if it was an isolated incident or it is something more systemic.

Achievement Recognition

Mystery Shopping results give coaches an effective tool for recognizing effort and improvement. RetailTrack will work with you to get the most out of this, and build an effective Reward & Recognition program.


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