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What's The Best Way To Listen To Your Customers?

There are a number of different voice-of-the-customer methodologies, and RetailTrack can execute whichever will most effectively get the information you need. The methodologies fall into three categories:


If your company has a dynamic database of customers, patient or clients, this is RetailTrack's preferred methodology.  As the name suggests, Interactive methodologies involve live, two-way discussions with your customers. In general, an Interactive CustomerVoice program involves the following process:

  1. RetailTrack contacts a select number customers from each of your locations by telephone, and conducts a 3 minute (maximum) interview.
  2. We ask core questions that tell us about their loyalty, satisfaction levels, areas of concern and your greatest strengths.
  3. We give them the opportunity for specific verbatim feedback - positive and negative
  4. We take the opportunity to let them know how important they are to your company
  5. Because we are contacting your customers via outbound calls, there is no responder bias.  And because it is a live conversation, we are able to ensure questions are interpreted correctly and that we can capture additional, relevant data.


Passive CustomerVoice methodologies involve collecting feedback by driving customers to a website that has a Voice of the Customer questionnaire.  Typically, it will be a message on the back of a receipt, or a sign at point-of-sale.  There is often an incentive included for people to participate - a contest, a coupon, etc.

Passive CustomerVoice works when you don't have an existing database - or if your database is not dynamically set up to show usage dates and other usage patterns.  It casts a wide net, and is also useful for simply harvesting emails for promotional purposes.

The limitation of the Passive methodology is potential for Responder Bias, which could potentially skew the results, and thus impact the reliability of the data. Responder Bias could be people who are predisposed to entering contests, a higher proportion of people who are at either extreme of the satisfaction scale, etc.


Active methodologies are similar in nature to Passive, but employ "push" strategies.  Rather than relying on a customer to respond to a Point-of-Sale request, the customer will get a request via text message, email or social media.


What Makes CustomerVoice Stand Out?

Big Data might look impressive, but it's not really manageable, and only rarely necessary.  CustomerVoice's unique approach gives you more actionable data with just a fraction of the sample size - and a fraction of the cost of most other Voice-of-the Customer solutions.


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