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From High-Touch to High-Tech

RetailTrack's industry-leading quality begins with people. Our internal project management team, and our shopper selection process sets your project up for success. And that's when our powerful Shop Management And Report Tracking (SMART) system takes over.

As soon as a report is completed, reviewed and proofed internally by two RetailTrack team members, your shop is available for you to see.

Individual Reports

Would you like individual managers or locations to get copies of their own reports?  Or would you prefer they all go through you first?  The SMART System can be configured however you would like.  We can set it up so that people are notified when each shop is completed - along with a link on how to access it - or simply to send off a pdf directly to peoples' mailboxes. 

The reports contain both a numerical 'scoring' of the shoppers experience, as well as a detailed anecdotal account of the experience.  This gives you a better tool for performance tracking and comparison, and for coaching and development.

Actionable Analytics.

You need to be able to look at the data and have it tell a story.  You want to learn about your

business, and identify where you need to take action.  The SMART System can drill down to any level of detail you would like, and at the same time present you with the big picture.  RetailTrack will work with you develop a suite of useful, actionable analytics right at your fingertips.

Performance Insights

The RetailTrack SMART System can help you compare your performance to that of your competitors.  You can set performance standards for your teams, and identify who is meeting or exceeding those standards, and who needs to improve.  You can find out if the core behaviors you are trying to develop with your training programs are really resonating with your customers.

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