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From High-Touch to High-Tech

RetailTrack's industry-leading quality begins with people. Our internal project management team, and our shopper selection process sets your project up for success. That's when our powerful Shop Mangement And Report Tracking (SMART) system takes over.

As soon as a report is completed and reviewed and proofed internally by two RetailTrack team members, your shop is available for you to see.

Individual Reports

Once the objectives of your Mystery Shopping program are established, the next step is to determine the specific metrics. They might include elements of the sales process, customer service, procedure and policy issues, employee availability, general attitude, aspects of a promotion, or any number of other things. You then need to weight them in relative importance to each other, so that you can achieve a quantitative representation of the impact to your business.

The finer we tune the metrics, the more relevant the results will be. (See our Mystery Shopping Tips and Myths Page for suggestions)

3. Develop the Methodology

Now that you have your objectives and criteria, the next step is to develop the mystery shopping methodology. At this stage, there are many things to take into consideration: frequency of shops, timing, execution, format, scenarios, etc. It is critical that the methodology be clearly developed, or the information you receive may not be accurate, representative or useful.

4.  Establish How You Need the Data Reported

There are a number of ways to represent the data in graphics and charts.  You need to determine who needs to see the data, and what parts of the data they will have permissions to view. You may want to overlay your mystery shopping data on your sales, employee satisfaction or voice-of-the-customer data. 

You also need to determine how you want people to access the data. RetailTrack's Shop Management And Report Tracking (SMART) System, for example, offers both a web-based portal, or the option to have PDF versions of reports sent via email.

Retailtrack began in 1992 (originally as StoreCheck) and is one of the most established mystery shopping companies in the world.

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