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The RetailTrack Mystery Shopping Process

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RetailTrack has created a unique six-step process for ensuring the highest level of quality in the industry.

1.  Strategic Assessment & Design

Every project begins with a needs assessment, and the careful strategic design of the mystery shopping program.  What is the purpose of the mystery shopping program?  How will you be using the mystery shopping results? What specific operational and behavioral elements drive your business.  RetailTrack takes all of this and more into consideration when designing your program.

2.  Shopper Selection

RetailTrack mines its extensive pool of mystery shoppers to determine who is the best fit for each shop, and invites them - and only them - to work with us. (Other mystery shopping companies just post jobs on the internet and let their shoppers select them on a first-come, first-served basis. RetailTrack wants the best people for the job - not the first people.)

3.  Shopper Training

RetailTrack will ensure that shoppers are well trained on the specifics of your project.  Depending on its complexity, the training can include written instructions, a telephone briefing, a pre-shop test, or a video overview of the shop expectations.

4.  The Mystery Shop

Based on the shop requirements, RetailTrack's qualified, trained mystery shoppers will visit your locations, telephone your team and/or interact with you through the internet. They pose as typical customers, then observe and record the specific operations and employee behaviors that have been identified as critical to your success.  

The information is recorded in two ways: 'quantitative', and 'qualitative'. The quantitative portion of the report is the numerical score allocated to each pre-defined criterion. This numerical score can then be used to rank the performance of a single location or service within a larger group, or track the performance of a location or locations over a period of time. The qualitative portion of the report is where the investigator writes, in his or her own words, details of the experience. This gives you a strong reference point for the numerical, quantitative score; and also describes a real, live situation to which employees can easily relate.

5. Individual Reports

Each report is screened by two RetailTrack supervisors.  Once they are are confident the information is accurate and meaningful, the reports are posted on our web-based SMART System.  At this point, you (and whomever else you would like) will receive either a notification that the shop is completed; a PDF copy of the shop via email; or both - depending on which you prefer.

6. Shop Analytics

At any time, you can log on to our SMART System portal to get a real-time snapshot of how you are doing. You can see a macro view of how your whole company is trending over specific time periods, or you can mine down and parse the data into whatever view you would like.  It's one of the most robust reporting systems in the world


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