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Your Privacy Is Important To Us

Any and all information collected by The Belding Group of Companies Inc. (The Company) is retained exclusively by The Company or its assigns, and is used only for related purposes.

The information will never be sold or shared, except as part of an change in business or division ownership. In the division, Belding Skills Training & Development, information is collected from subscribers to newsletters. This information is used exclusively for the purposes of development and marketing The Company's products and services.

In the division, RetailTrack Mystery Shopping & Consulting, information is collected from individuals applying to be subcontracted "Mystery Shoppers." The Company reserves the right to use information supplied in order to conduct related background checks, verify supplied information and conduct quality assessments.

If, at any time, there is a question or concern about the use of information by The Belding Group of Companies Inc., you may inquire in writing to: Privacy Policy The Belding Group of Companies, Inc. 300 Earl Grey Dr. Ste 370 Kanata, ON CANADA K2T 1C1 .


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