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Are You Standing Out Over The Telephone?


How well are your people executing over the telephone?  Are they consistently following the scripts and protocols?  Are they resolving issues on the first call? Are they sending the message to customers that they care about them, or do they sound like they are just processing people?

Whether you want to examine the performance of a large call centre, technical support group, or just the receptionists in your locations, RetailTrack can design a telephone mystery shop that will help you stand out.


Centralized or Local Calling

Want to make sure that the calls appear as local and legitimate? RetailTrack can leverage our network of shoppers to conduct local calls anywhere in the United States or Canada.  If you're more interested in cost-efficiency, we can use a central call centre for all calls.

Recorded Calls

Would you like to have the telephone mystery shop recorded, so you can use it for coaching purposes?  RetailTrack's SMART System can do that for you..


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To disccuss how RetailTrack can help your sales fore stand out, contact us today at 1-800-576-6860, or

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